Killing Time


I know that continuing to think about something does not make it approach faster, but if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a zillion times!  I HATE WAItINg!  I think the audition went fine… better than fine since I did get to read the script twice.  There were only three of us at the audition (enough for a cast but there was another round today and one tomorrow… UGH!) After the very quick table read-through audition, I did get to sit in a rehearsal for Curious Savage which goes up next weekend.  Break a leg Mare, Trav, and the rest of the cast!  I was pleased to see Mr. Potter’s secretary on stage again with a meatier role.  I will be in the audience either a week from tonight or next Sunday… depending upon when we get back from the cathedral on Saturday.

Last night’s evening wrapped with a long overdue game night.  Overdue because I was sick for the last one.  And I got to assist in moving a television… not a huge undertaking but big enough.  C and I got both the tv and stand back in their proper spot and a picture with sound came on so…

Now, I think I will read a bit of The Goblet of Fire before Taylhis catches up with me.  I forgot to ask how many pages “plowing through it” means. 😉  Of course, with any luck, she will catch up with me before I get to Order of the Phoenix.

6 thoughts on “Killing Time”

  1. ‘WIMP’ — can’t wait for the results of an audition. 😉 What is this world coming too? Much luck to you my friend. You need it to learn patience. Of course I NEVER was concerned with long waits after auditions… (A whole lot of sarcasm intended….)

  2. Good luck indeed… hopefully you’ll post something / send an email as soon as you hear – did they give you a time frame during when to expect an answer? For me, that makes waiting easier.
    “Plowing through it” – hmmm, for me, that’s more than 5 pages a night. Last week I was able to read almost a chapter a night, but I was staying up too late and it’s catching up with me, so I’ll probably have to go back to my slow and steady pace. I AM over the halfway point though 🙂

  3. Hopefully tomorrow. For Right to Remain Dead she called Monday morning following, so…

    That is pretty good for you 😉

  4. “WIMP” — acronym? It could be one. Should I tell you? Should you be indoctrinated in the secret society?

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