Shortest Movie Review Ever


Just watched Fight Club – one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  I can’t believe we wasted over 2 hours of kid-less time on this piece of you-know-what.

The people who voted (yes, all 357,160 of them) for this on to give it an 8.8 out of 10 and made it #16 of their top 250 movies of all time should be ashamed – makes me hesitate to be advised by any of their ratings in the future.

I am not going to waste any more of my time writing or thinking about this movie.

6 thoughts on “Shortest Movie Review Ever”

  1. You missed using the tag line from the movie for your review: “First rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about fight club.” Now we know why. 😉

  2. @justj – thanks for the suggestion, but I wouldn’t say I “missed” using the tag line – as I said, I didn’t want to put any more thought into that movie after spending all evening watching it. I do miss my 2+ hours of time wasted… Since you know the tag line, does that mean you’ve seen it? If so, I’m sorry 😉

  3. I’ve noticed that Fight Club gets a “Love/Hate” reaction in most cases. I was pretty into the movie and thought it was a good storyline (plus Edward Norton is my favorite actor) – but I can understand the other point of view.

  4. I actually liked that movie! By no means the greatest of all time, but still pretty good. a bit disturbing at times though…

  5. Well, everyone is different, and I was actually hoping to get some mixed reactions to my post, so thanks for your thoughts!

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