no more questions


no more coming back for “just one more thing”.

Yesterday (24/jun/2011) Actor Peter Falk died. I don’t normally write about the death of actors, but Peter Falk was one of my favorites. I loved the frumpy detective he played in Columbo and The Cheap Detective or even Murder by Death. His characters were similar, but they all had great depth. A man who seemed to know his craft and he did it well. I think later I will dig out my copy of one of the movies he was in, just to remember. I think I will need to pick up a season or two of Columbo, because there is “just one more thing”…

4 thoughts on “no more questions”

  1. Wonder if the rumpled trenchcoat will end up in the Smihsonian… if it isn’t already. I always found it fascinating that the creators of Columbo chose to reveal to the audience “whodunit” in the first few minutes of each episode.

  2. I never did watch Columbo, but I do remember him from Princess Bride. I am sure I have seen him in other films as well- let me check…………………………………………………………
    Huh. Maybe not. I don’t remember seeing much of anything in his credits. Interesting though, when I did a search for him, IMDB showed:

    1. Peter Falk (I) (Actor, The Princess Bride (1987))

    His most well known role outside of Columbo? The only role I know for sure I’ve seen him in, in any event.

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