Different Directions


As we go through life we have many choices laid out in front of us. Paths to travel, things to see, places to go and people to meet. As we make our choices, the paths, things, places and people change, move and diverge. Each choice, by its nature, limits the things that will happen in our lives. Because of this, people will often ask “What if?” or “If only I could?”. Or to steal from a play I recently saw, “I wish I had…” Paths not taken, roads closed and detours set up.

There are many times in my life that I have played the games of “what if or I wish I had”. Normally, when I feel life isn’t going in the direction I like, I fall deep into those games.

And of course as we grow and gain experience we play those games to make plans for the future. What if I take this job? If I would put my money here. I think I will buy this thing. These thoughts can lead to comfort. Knowing that you planned for your future. Anticipating coming events. Or they can cause some trepidation. Fear of that Dr. Visit, maybe that big meeting coming up, or even wondering if something will or won’t happen.

As with most things in life, these games, the planning are all wonderful if done in moderation. Too much wondering about the past “what ifs” leads us to forget about the present and the future. Too many “If i do this, or I think I wills” can lead us to stagnation contemplating our futures. Not enough of either can lead to an extreme “go with the flow” attitude. Not preparing for the future or learning from the past.

So after all this, here is to reaching that choice in life. Here is to following the path that you choose. Taking some trips back down memory lane, and those trips made while planning for the future. While we live, there is always a new direction to take, just up the road…

2 thoughts on “Different Directions”

  1. Interesting thoughts.
    I really like the following quote:
    “You’ll find success in life when you stop trying to include God in your plans and instead ask God to include you in His.”
    There are many different types of success of course, and some people have found it without heeding this advice. For me, I’ve found this statement really works in my life when I replace the word ‘success’ with ‘true joy’. Because of my increasing willingness to turn things over to God and His plan, I find myself automatically playing less of the ‘what if’ or ‘I should have’ games. It’s been so liberating and joyous for me!
    For others who might not feel the same way, balance is good 🙂

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