Well… yesterday was another voice lesson.  It went much better than last week’s meeting… perhaps it was because I focused on 4 or 5 pieces I have been working on since almost the beginning.  Once again, a deceptively simple song is one of the most problematic (well… the last part of it is rhythmically tricky, but will come).  Another piece, I need to find that spot of greatest emotional impact.  I KNOW where it needs to be but need to back off just a bit on some of those other big moments.  I have to skip next week as the j-o-b asked me to come in an hour early on Thursday.

Today, I had my first follow up with the doctor.  He seems to think all is well…. progressing nicely.  He asked me what I have been doing… how long I am on my feet each day, etc.  Well… given my current job, I am on my feet probably 95% of the time. I have been taking short walks as the seasons have changed but not quite up to the 3-4 mile hikes I was accustomed to taking but those will come in time.  As we have both commented, “I miss my walking buddy.”  I told the nurse, who lives two houses south of me, that I didn’t think that trying out for The Wizard of Oz or Annie was such a good idea.  Once again, I did bring up the idea of trying out for Roosevelt and brought a chuckle.  But I have been going to my weekly voice lesson so once my leg is closer to 100% I will once again be doing something.  The actual appointment was nothing more than hearing things I had already known.  He did feel my leg and commented that it is still a bit tight.  I guess his prescribed 4 month check was nothing more than witnessing my charming personality 😀 KIDDING… I know it is necessary but doesn’t hurt to display that indelible Jamiahsh charm.

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  1. Ah, the j-o-b. Back to the grind tomorrow…

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing better. I know you will be back to tearing up the stage (or tearing up the audience- yes, a pair of homographs) quite soon.

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