I got cheeseburgers


During the summer, a contest in our local community was held to determine the best burger in town. I was unable to go to that event, and I don’t even remember who won. I understand it will be a large undertaking, but I may be taking my own survey on the local burger scene. Since I really like cheeseburgers, I imagine most of the burgers will have cheese on them.

Let’s eliminate the fast food burgers first, starting with the smaller dollar menu burgers. I’ll have to make a trip to all the fast food joints in the area (Williams County), but I can start with McDonalds.

Recently to save money, McDonalds now have a new burger on the menu. It is called the McDouble. This is a standard double cheeseburger minus one slice of cheese. All this for 30 cents less than the old Double Cheeseburger. 30 cents for 1 slice of precut American processed cheese. Hmmm. Still, the Double Cheeseburger was a memory comfort food for me. Kind of like White Castle sliders only bigger. Not the best burger around, but a taste that remained the same from restaurant to restaurant. Since the introduction of the McDouble, I’ve been able to tell the difference from the restaurant in Bryan and the one in Montpelier and from the time of day it is purchased. I’m not sure what they do different, but it is no longer the comfort food I was used to. Being the cheap person I am, I’m not about to spend 30 cents for a piece of cheese. So I have to find another $1.00 burger to replace my old standby.

I’ll try to keep you posted…

Also on the list, in time for lent, Fast Food Fish sandwiches…. 😉

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  1. The restaurant that had the best burgers in town has now changed them unfortunately. They had not entered the best burger contest since they were renovating at that time and busy with that. But they had the best burgers by far and now they’re just ordinary, at best 🙁
    RIP Frankie’s burgers

  2. Oddly, I enjoy the Fillet O’ Fish. Maybe that is from years of Friday Fish at McDs. Somehow it seems that the square fish is more appealing.. I have enjoyed their cheeseburgers as well. But 30 cents for one slice of cheese ?!

  3. Fast food fish post now available. I expect there will be multiple cheeseburger posts. Best all around burger… No doubt about it, I’ll let my son-in-law cook up Bison burgers on the grill. I top it with whatever I want. Almost like going out, since I don’t have to do any of the cooking or clean-up. 😉

  4. Ok scratch that last comment I made – Frankie’s burgers are still good – a little smaller than they used to be, but not horrible. Must have had a bad cook the past two times we visited.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of having a Frankie’s burger. the only times I really remember eating there is for breakfast. I really like the french toast.

  6. That reminds me, remember when we were talking about the mini burgers Burger King had decades ago called Burger Buddies? They now have mini burgers called Burger Shots, but we tried them and they weren’t very good. For one thing, they don’t come with cheese!

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