Hot winter drinks


I’ve been thinking of some hot winter beverages, be they spiked, spiced or just hot. Things I like, but generally limit to the winter months (I drink hot tea and coffee all year round). So here is my list, if you want recipes, I can dig one or two up.

Hot Chocolate: I don’t really care how you make this. You can use an instant mix, or chocolate and warm milk, all is good. Especially with whipped cream or marshmallows. For something a bit different, I usually add some mint extract. Or maybe some mint schnapps.

Hot Spiced Cider. I will drink this in the fall when cider becomes more available. But I like it all winter long.

Hot Spiced, Spiked Cider… same as above but with a jigger of Captain Morgans.

Hot Mulled Wine Good stuff when done properly.

Hot Lemonade. I’m not sure what started this, but it sometimes hits the spot when coming in from the cold. Also hot sweet orange juice. The orange juice is good with some Amaretto added.

And Kahlua, coffee and cream.

I just noticed, I may be a bit of a lush when it comes to winter drinks. But I usually only get the Cocoa and hot lemonade. 🙁

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  1. I wouldn’t mind trying one of those Fri night if you’re coming to game night. All sound good – I’ve had a thing for hot drinks lately and even pulled out our coffee maker for the first time since we moved in over two years ago – must be the winter weather. Last winter I couldn’t have coffee because Christopher would have been involuntarily sharing it with me 🙂

  2. And I found 1 more for the lovers of “A Christmas Carol” (Me!)

    Smoking Bishop

    5 unpeeled sweet oranges
    1 large unpeeled grapefruit
    1/4 lb sugar (a little over 1/2 cup)
    30 cloves
    1500 ml strong red wine (2 bottles-about 51 oz)
    750 ml port wine (1 bottle-about 25.6 oz)

    1Wash the fruit and bake it on a foil lined baking sheet until it becomes pale brown, turning once.
    2Heat a large earthenware bowl and add the fruit. Stud each fruit with five cloves.
    3Add the sugar and the red wine, and store covered in a warm place for about a day.
    4Squeeze the fruit to extract the juice, and strain into a saucepan.
    5Add the port and warm thoroughly, but don’t boil.
    6Serve in heated glasses.
    7Note: There are many suggestions for variations in this recipe, including the addition of star anise and cinnamon sticks.
    8There was also a suggestion to bring the mix to a boil, simmer for an hour, and add brandy, brown sugar and orange juice.

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