Morat’s Early Christmas


HELLO EVERY PEOPLE!!!  I A WISH A YOU ALL A HAPPY HOLLYDAY FROM AMERICA COUNTRY!!! I am come to America country to a spread some cheer.  But Morat a say WOOLY SHEEP I a not know it a be this a cold .  If Morat he a want a cold, he a stay in Liswathistan.  So I a go to two two people house with Christmas cheer.  It a sound like soap but more fun that a soap.  Morat take boxes to people house number one and they a like very much.  Then, Morat he a go to house number two to take boxes to little people and another surprise for night of games soo… EVERYONE WINS!  While with the little people, they a give Morat a big surprise… a man of a bones who a sing and a dance to my favorite a song.  Every people a know what this is, yes? After we open the boxes, the little people make a slimy alien man for Morat.  But Morat a not know what happened to the alien before he a leave.  Morat also give a back of pig ride to one litttle people and she a make a stink in face of Morat.  I a say Wooly Sheep (excuse my a Liswathistani please).  Then, Morat had to say good night so little people a get ready for sleep and everyone else watch the Chica-go and Bay of Green play the ball foot.  Morat say Happy Christmas… Merry Year New and may you all a get coal for a the fire.

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