Here in the rainy woods


It is a cool, wet, dreary day. I have a fire going and the house is warm and comfortable. As I sit and watch the clouds gray thoughts find their way into my mind. I have thoughts of little gray mice and large gray elephants. Gray skies and gray tree trunks. It is spring time, but the green has yet to bloom forth, so I am here with gray.

I have a picture of a sunset. I’ve talked about it before. It is of a sunset in these very woods. I’m not sure if that was a spring time sunset or not, but there are no leaves on the trees, so I will ‘assume’ it is spring. Since I was the one who took the picture, I know the day was cool, but not too cold. So either spring or fall works. That picture is full of reds, oranges and yellows. That is not today. Today is a gray day.

Gray can describe a mood, or just a color. Today is all about the color. In the early day of computer screens and graphics our displays were in gray scales. There was the same type of thing in early TV, movies and films. Black and white mixed give us various shades of gray. In a colorful world those shades of gray are often missed and ignored. But in the black and white world of old graphics and the new world of e-book readers their are gray scales. Those scales brought realism in a time of black and white movies and TV. They are not the color of life, but they are the shadings of life.

Gray had me thinking a bit today.

3 thoughts on “Here in the rainy woods”

  1. I thought the weather to be miserable today – rumors abound it’s supposed to get to 15 tonight. Maybe tomorrow’s gray will be polluted snow on the ground…
    I hope to be kidding – it’s supposed to be almost 50 and sunny tomorrow.

  2. Could the picture you mention by chance be the one that serves as your blog backdrop?

    Early computers were not just greyscale, but downright monochrome… Even as late as the early 80s green or amber displays were abundant (and still exist in certain applications). But I digress… 😀

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