The Arts Are Alive!


I am pleased to relate that EHS’ production of Your A Good Man, Charlie Brown was a hit.  Several people have asked me if I was able to attend last weekend… regrettably I was not.  Apparently, it went very well.  “Charlie Brown’s” mother was in today and she related that she was a bit apprehensive until her son got through his first song.  She did not know he could sing.  That comment took me back.  Prior to my duet of “Summer Nights” my junior year in high school, few people knew what kind of voice I had.  When auditioning for the bit, Emily herself was taken aback!

However, I am also pleased that the director is already making plans for next year’s musical!  HOORAY! It is so neat that we finally once again have a music teacher who is committed to not only building the band and choral programs but also reinstating something that has been lost at the school of a good many years!  Now only if the administration can manage to hold on to her!  Seems that the last few years the school had an array of music educators who have been poor influences.

Bravo to Ms. Reardon and to the young adults who have begun the work of making the arts once again flourish!

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  1. Hopefully she will stay, and hopefully the music program won’t suffer budget cuts as many “extras” have been threatened.

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