Hard to believe


It has been 2 years of blogging for this old man. Sure I like tech stuff, but writing about this or that was never something I thought I would do on a consistent basis. But 543 blog posts later, I guess I surprised myself.

I’ve rambled on about many things. Life, family, friends, movies, food, theater and the list could go on.

As the background of our little blogging world is changing (Not a bad look either), I’m wondering what direction to take my own blogging efforts in the next year. I’m sure I will continue to write about things I find important or interesting (I wouldn’t do this otherwise), but I wondering about content. During the first 2 years I said very little about two subjects. Part of that is something I learned in my youth. “Every topic is fair game except Religion and Politics”. These two subjects seem to bring out the best and the worst in some people. In like minded people, the discussions can be calm and rational. In other groups, the discussions tend not to be so rational. Provoking confrontation was not something I wanted in my blog. So I tend to avoid those two subjects. Is this good, bad or indifferent? I’m not sure, but since I usually avoid those subjects in real life, I guess it is me. So that is not a direction I will be taking.

What is left? More of the same? I’m not sure at the moment. I guess we will see.

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  1. Wherever you go with this, we’ll still be with you on it I’m sure. Just keep the posts random, or you’ll have to change your blog title. 😉

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