Hello. How are you? It’s been a while.


I haven’t really been in a mood to write anything recently.

I’ve been reading the comics again, and once again Funky Winkerbean has me thinking.

The current story line has a character return after being presumed dead. His ‘widow’ in the story has remarried and lived with the thought of him being gone forever.

I’m not sure how the story will sort out, but the concept of it bothers me a little bit. As I’ve said before, the author of this comic does not shy away from touchy subjects, and this is no exception. What would this do to family, friends and others when a person they know to be dead, comes back to life?

On a material note… Do you have to pay back any insurance, Soc. Sec. benefits, and other things only received on one’s death?

On an emotional note… What happens to the new people in the lives of loved ones? People grow and change over time and generally change together when their lives are shared. People who are apart change in different ways. Rough go.

And on others… There is another family that lost a loved one in this strip. Are they overcome with envy when they see someone else come back from the dead, and not their lost love?

And this is only a daily comic in the newspapers. Deep thoughts for the funny pages.

As a widower, there were many (are many?) times that I wish my dear wife could come back, but I know that this is only a wish. As in the song “One More Day” by Diamond Rio, we keep wishing for that one extra day, but what happens if we actually get it?

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  1. (Actually CAC)

    I know that Funky has taken some strange turns since I started reading it 30 plus years ago.

    In spite of all the emails begging the author to spare Lisa, he pretty much shrugged them off.

    He has had his own bout with cancer so maybe this is his way of dealing with this.
    I was surprised when he jumped ahead 10 years but this latest has surprised me.
    The legal age to be declared dead in most states if someone has been lost is I think 7 years, I think they made some special allowances for 911.

  2. Sounds like less a comic and more of a graphic drama- “graphic” as in drawing (e.g. “graphic novel”), not blood/gore (e.g. “graphic violence”).

    BTW, glad you’re back! 🙂

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