Full Moon = Mini Golf?


Earlier this month, I got a whim on date night for us to go mini-golfing.  Apparently I was not the only person who felt this way – the local mini-golf course was packed end-to-end with groups of golfers – on a Wednesday night!  We began our putting only to find ourselves stalled at every hole waiting for the group of 4 in front of us – which backed up the group of 2 behind us, etc.  We didn’t realize it was this crowded when we began golfing otherwise we probably would have chosen something else to do (not big fans of crowded places), but it ended up being lots of fun; we found plenty to chat about while waiting to play the next hole.   Among the topics were the strange occurrences befalling the behavior of our golf balls.  My husband’s normally bad luck (especially at laws-of-physics sports like mini-golf and bowling) seemed to be exaggerated, especially by my good luck.  An example – my husband took his shot, then I took mine, and my ball hit my husband’s ball sending it further from the hole, while mine bounced off his and into the hole for a hole-in-1!  Unintentionally, of course 🙂  After a few more of those wacky incidents and (to my dismay) the appearance of dozens of live frogs in the mini-golf pond, we had had our fun and were finished.  But on the way home, we couldn’t help but notice the full moon beaming overhead – a coincidence or is there something about a full moon that makes people want to mini-golf?  Friends in the fields have shared with me that hospitals and law enforcement agencies are extra busy on the nights of full moons – interesting.  How about you guys?  Did any of you have a sudden golfing urge last Wednesday night / early Thursday morning?

5 thoughts on “Full Moon = Mini Golf?”

  1. I am so proud of your scores! That was awesome! Watching you do so well was so much fun. It was so exciting when you needed that last strike in the 10th frame if you were to get your high score — and you did!! I LOVE YOU!

  2. I was all ready for the full moon busy-ness that night at work, but it really wasn’t. I was actually kind of bummed. At the beginning there was some weird stuff, but everyone must have decided to play nice and go mini-golfing….. 😉

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