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Sunday afternoon in an attempt to beat the heat, I went to my brother’s for a swim. After, I watched Race to Witch Mountain. Last winter when it was in theatres, I really was unsure about seeing it. I really liked Escape and Return but have found most updates/reboots/prequels to be less than ideal. Also, the added attraction of Dwayne “the (c)Rock” Johnson was enough to make me question it even more. I am pleased to say that the movie was not THAT bad. The action and effects were heightened from the original movies from the 70s but there were nice touches from the previous films to delight fans.

Johnson plays Jack Bruno, a Las Vegas cabbie who has grown irritated with transporting weird Sci-Fi fans (including two Stormtroopers) to a convention at the Planet Hollywood. Enter siblings Sara and Seth, two seemingly innocent young teens who hand Jack a huge wad of money for transportation to a remote, run down shack in the middle of nowhere.

Like the original children, Sara and Seth are victims of a spacecraft crash landing. The government has acquired it and is hot on the trail of the survivors to “study” them. Unlike the previous installments, the children are being pursued by an alien “Assassin.”

Sara and Seth’s powers are basically the same as Tia and Tony’s with a few additions… probably due to the limited budget restraints of the 1970s. Sara’s touch with animals harkens back to her predecessor only this time the trio is joined by a canine companion instead of a black cat. A Winnebago RV is also instrumental in the action. Also, don’t miss a creative cameo by the original actors all grown up. I was expecting them to pop up as Sara and Seth’s parents or other adult aliens, but that would be too logical. For fans of Star Trek II who aren’t already in the know, Ike Eisenmann (who played Tony in the original movies) had the role of Engineer’s Mate, Peter Preston. In the extended Director’s Cut of The Wrath of Khan, it is discovered that he is the nephew of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott.

I would recommend Race to Witch Mountain to fans of the original movies. There is a lot of action that may be a bit much for the really young, but it is a Disney movie.

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  1. I’ll probably check it out from the library in the next several months after the reserve-rush dies down. I didn’t know that factoid about Ike and Trek2, but then again I don’t think I have ever seen the extended director’s cut.

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