The weather has been wonderful. The visit with my daughter’s family delightful. The first meeting between grandpa and granddaughter fantastic.

There haven’t been any trips to major theme parks. Nothing special planned. Days come and go just like at home. I am enjoying my visit. I get to spend time with my family.

That was written back in August, during my visit with the Florida family. It has been almost a month since those words have been thought of. I really enjoyed my trip, and I miss everyone I saw when I was down there. I know my little granddaughter is growing quickly, it is usually a given for babies. The other grandchildren have slowed there growing pace, but they will be different the next time I see them. Families grow, change and develop at their own pace. A new pathway in life is open to them.

Here in NW Ohio, the changes in life usually happen at a slower pace. My children are grown, they have their lives, and I have been set in my ways for many years.

I’ve recently have written about change. Those who know me realize that I was taking a reflective approach to the changes occurring in my life. I’ve written about love and relationships. Those again, were posts reflecting things going on in my life. And here I am today, focused on changes that have occurred and will continue to occur. Today life is good, and the future is full of promise. In my opinion, it is good to be me. I haven’t said that often recently, but today I can say it. I’m looking forward to what life has in store for me.

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  1. Glad that you can honestly say It is good to be king… err me. Or you… or whatever. I’m so confused. Another great post!

  2. Yay for a happy Daddy! I am glad that you are enjoying things again. Now, could you enjoy hanging out with your oldest and her friends just a teensy bit more often, please? We miss you! 🙂

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