Time To Get This Thing On The Road


My lesson was delayed an hour today as K had to take her youngest to his very first day of school.  I remember my mother taking me my first day every year up until the fifth grade after which I had to do more than walk out the front door.  I do not remember my first day of preschool; however, I do remember that it was in a church in B-own not far from my current lesson locale which itself is a converted place of worship now serving as the South Campus of the local Y.

The lesson itself was GREAT! much better than last week’s when  we only made it through 2 songs.  Today, we breezed through 6 of the 11 songs in 40 minutes (lost track of time and since none of us had anywhere pressing to we did not stop).  One piece still had some problems but was better than the last time we attempted it.  So, I think after we see how the remainder goes next week, I will be setting the date for the fruits of my labor to be put on display… no pun intended.  NOW if I can just get over this cold/allergies that seem to have latched onto me. 😉

2 thoughts on “Time To Get This Thing On The Road”

  1. I still have a few preschool memories. Though they could be mixed up- one memory involves riding a bike to preschool, but that’s not really very likely- both in riding the bike and being given the freedom to go to school on my own at such an early age (unless my mother followed behind). More than likely that particular memory was for some summer program somewhere a few years later.

    Another recital coming up, eh? I wish you well, whether or not the cold/allergies persist.

  2. I remember snippets of each school I went to, including preschool, but nothing about the first day in particular… though I do remember standing in front of the coat closet to get my picture taken with my schoolbag. That was a first day of school tradition.

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