Disney’s First Day


Disney had her first day at her new preschool last week, and she had a great time!  She really likes going to preschool every day!  Here are some pictures of her on her first day.  One picture features her little brother who wanted to go to preschool too, but he’s such a cool dude that he got right over it and is happy going to pick her up every day (despite his parents making him wear the Chicago Cubs shirt):

4 thoughts on “Disney’s First Day”

  1. Dora? Is that show still on? I’m glad to hear of a child who actually *likes* school! I suppose when tests and projects happen things will change, but for now just enjoy it, D. 8)

  2. “dispite his parents making him wear his Chicago Cubs shirt”? Is that a reflection on his taste of teams or your feelings on the season? Well.. back to the topic at hand… YAY for Disney! How cute!

  3. He doesn’t have a taste in teams. He wouldn’t know if he likes to watch baseball yet or not since it hasn’t been on in the house all summer – nothing to watch and no time to watch it. It was a comment about how embarrassing it is for ANYONE to walk around wearing a Cubs shirt these days. Nuff said about that.

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