Feel Good Story?

Or an April Fools’ joke. You be the judge

Sick Sea Turtle Checks into Animal Hospital

I really liked the story, and I would think turtles have some intelligence. If this turtle had been treated there before, it knew enough to go back. But today is April Fools’ Day. I tend to take every Odd news or too good to be true news with a skeptics eye today. I didn’t see the regular April fool notes in the story, but there was mention of some other famous turtles. Hmm, it has me thinking.

I also saw a site for a Helicopter Hotel. The link may be gone now, because it was an honest April Fools’ Joke.

I haven’t seen much else. But I am keeping my eyes open today.

3 thoughts on “Feel Good Story?”

  1. When I clicked the link, it said, “Like that apartment in Friends, this link does not seem to exist.” Haha. But they have a point – I never saw even the building facade in NY that they showed at the beginning of every Friends episode.
    I saw an article about office April Fool’s jokes that were quite amusing. In one, a guy waiting for over an hour in a box to scare his boss, who only uttered the f-word… but like I told Chris who didn’t find it funny – that guy could have been WORKING instead – so I’m sure the hour in the box was worth it for him.

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