OK… Have We Been Had?


Ok… I’m not sure, but when I attempted to access my tangents site the normal way, I came across a message that stated that the domain name tangents.org is for sale.  After some trial and error, I was able to make my way here to post on the weirdness of the day.

It started this morning when I watched the April Fools Day episode of The Price is Right featuring a very special surprise guest and gags galore.

While walking to work at 11:55AM, I noticed that the clock at the bank read 12:55PM… funny.

While at work, the manager called and asked me if I would come in an hour early tomorrow as the truck was going to be early.  Why would I come in an hour early on Wednesday I said.?  She actually took me seriously and thought that it really was Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  HAHA!

Later, an apparent wrong number called and asked to speak with Monica.  I replied that I am  Monica and we carried on a two minute conversation until I could not come up with any more believable conversation.  Thank goodness the caller was good hearted and played along.

That was all until I got home and found out that our domain was for sale.  I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.  I can post, but can my readers find my posts?

6 thoughts on “OK… Have We Been Had?”

  1. Now we can – Happy April Fools Day! Who was the guest, was it Bob Barker? I read he was going to appear – was today the day? I missed it.

  2. HAHAHA. I just had the strangest feeling since our esteemed admin hacked into our sites last April 1st. I was fooled for a milisecond. The special guest model was Mimi. If you are interested, youtube just might post the entire show or other sites. Bob is going to be on April 16th, I believe.

  3. I missed the one with my pastor a month or so ago. He wasn’t a contestant, but he told us he had a seat right behind contestant row. Oh, well.

  4. The bank clock was an unintentional joke. A customer informed me that the bank has been having problems with their digital clock since the time change. Guess I did not notice it until yesterday and was not fooled.

  5. Aw, man! Here I thought the bank playing tricks on the public was a cool idea – NOT jokes involving money or people’s bank accounts though, that would just be plain mean!

  6. Yeah, the clock is still an hour fast. I thought the grocery store playing a prank on a wrong number was good.

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