Dog Toys, Wires, and Tablecloths, Oh My!


My son is crawling – uh, oh.  I don’t remember what his 3 sisters got into when they started to crawl, besides trouble, but my son’s favorite things seem to be dog toys (and the dogs’ food and water bowls, what a mess!), tablecloths (which he yanks on – I’m going to have to remove the one in the living room before he yanks it and pulls the heavy computer right down on his head!), and wires (I don’t think I need to explain why he shouldn’t be pulling and chewing on wires.  If I do, let’s hope you don’t have any kids of your own).  He smiles so sweetly when we say no-no; I think he likes the attention.  A more stern NO just makes him grin widely and start waving at us.  So how do you discipline someone so incredibly cute?  I can’t help but smile back when he grins – he’s so cute with his little toothies sticking out from his bottom gums.  Could you say no to this face?


5 thoughts on “Dog Toys, Wires, and Tablecloths, Oh My!”

  1. I think I had the same problem. I have been told that I always grinned when I was told no-no and look what happened to me.

  2. Found a back door sort of. Cute picture. If you don’t discipline them when they are in the cute stage, it makes it difficult when they are really need the discipline.

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