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There are 6 national Fast Food Restaurants that serve a Hot Fish sandwich at least during or around Lent. Yes, Subway exists and does server a tuna fish sandwich, but that is an entirely different animal. As I try them, I will give a short review.

McDonalds Fillet-o-Fish Served all year
The Fillet-o-Fish has been my perennial favorite. I’m sure this has something to do with eating so many growing up in a Catholic family, and of course spending lots of time hanging out in McDonalds. For those who don’t know, this sandwich is a square fish stick on a bun, smothered in Tartar Sauce and a slice of melted American Cheese. This sandwich, as was usual with most McDonalds products is the same year after year, sandwich after sandwich. Even though my tastes have grown up a bit, I will still get one of these on occasion. I don’t eliminate the meat from my diet during lent, or on Fridays, so the desire for fish has to out weigh my desire for beef. It happens, but the Fillet-O-Fish is not the comfort food that a cheeseburger is. 😉 These used to be a cheap sandwich at McDonalds, but the price has gone up in the past few years. There should be a two-fer sale in the next few weeks to coincide with the Lenten season. Not a bad sandwich, and it is my scale for all other fast food fish sandwiches… so it is a 7 on scale of 1 – 10

Burger King BK-fish Served all year
Been a few months since I’ve had one of these sandwiches. Always, and I do mean always overcooked. Doesn’t matter what BK I go to. I’ll stick to their Angus burger. Score 3.  I may try this one again.  I was told they got better, and it is Lenten fish sale time.

Arbys Fish during Lent
Decent fish sandwich, A large fillet with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. When I last had it, no cheese was offered. Since I was used to the McDs sandwich I felt it was missing. They are usually only offered in the spring, with some sales during lent. I think last year it was during the entire period, but sometimes the sale is only on Fridays. With a sale price this is a very good value, not so good if not on sale. I’ll choose it over the McDs sandwich when on sale.   Give this one an 8 when on sale, 6 when not….

Wendy’s Fish During Lent
I just had this sandwich a couple of weeks ago. I will have to try it again. On my first sandwich the fish was overcooked, but not served piping hot. Must have been sitting around a while. To give it a fair review, I will need to go back when they are busy on a Friday to make sure I get a fresh sandwich. Served with lettuce, tomato and Tartar Sauce with cheese as an option. So far the score on this sandwich is a 3.

Dairy Queen Fish Fillet sandwich (all year?)
I had the DQ Crispy Fish Fillet sandwich this week.  What can I say?  The onion rings were tasty.   As for the fish, I would almost complain of some false advertising.  It wasn’t very crispy.  That being said, it was a niced sized piece of fish.  The sandwich also contained tartar sauce and lettuce.  The bun was very fresh.  Nothing really special, but not too bad either.  I’m thinking a score of 6 fits this sandwich.

A&W/KFC Fish snackers during Lent

99 cent mini fish sandwiches. No frills, just Tartar Sauce, fish and a bun. I like these little sandwiches a lot. If our local KFC had better service, I would get it more often. Just not worth the time spent waiting to get them, unless I really want a draft Root Beer too. Interesting combination of KFC and A&W in our town, but I think that confuses the servers. Score 8

Your Favorite?

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14 thoughts on “Fast Food Fish”

  1. Good to know that the KFC/A&W service has not improved since the last chicken run I made which was sometime ago. I don’t think I’ve made it since L’il C arrived. Don’t remember the Antwerp A&W stand having them although I’m sure that it does.

  2. My vote for McD’s shouldn’t count, they’re the only one I’ve had. Not a big fast food fish eater, but once in awhile, I’ll finish up one of Taylor’s sandwiches – she really likes the fish there, and we only get her one if she says she’ll finish it cuz of the extra expense. Good to know they’re on sale; we’ll have to go lots.
    And complaining about the service @ KFC? Don’t you have an “in” with someone who could talk to his co-workers and straighten it out 😉
    Seriously, I know what you mean – they often take FOREVER and are constantly out of extra crispy chicken – the only kind worth eating for me… then again, fried chicken just hasn’t had the same appeal after Baby Christopher got through with me…

  3. Dunno why, but outside of McDonald’s I have never had fast-food fish. Not counting Long John Silver’s- I couldn’t very well have eaten there and not eaten fish of course. As for McD’s, I haven’t had their Filet-O-Fish for a long time. It kind of annoyed me that this sandwich traditionally has only a half-slice of cheese…

  4. Yes, I sort of have an in at the KFC, he’s not a manager, so of course nobody will listen to him. I’m just sad to see so many people running around like they don’t know what they are doing. Very poor training if you ask me.

  5. I had a full-size McDonald’s Fillet of Fish today, possibly for the first time ever – it’s not normally what I get there. It was pretty good… swimming in tartar sauce, but I liked it. And since you’re on the subject of DQ, for what it’s worth, I feel the need to pass on the following message:
    Stop by the Bryan Ohio Dairy Queen to support the Williams County Humane Society. They are selling paper dog bones for a $1.00 each and all of the proceeds benefit the shelter. Thank you Dairy Queen and thank you Hometown Hardware for cutting the bones with your Laser.

  6. But I don’t think my dogs will LIKE the paper dog bones…

    Just kidding, obviously it’s for fundraising purposes, you silly goofs!

  7. A little disappointed today, I stopped at Arby’s after my youngest’s voice lessons, and there was no fish sandwich. Hmm, when did they stop selling them?

  8. Hmmm, dunno. If they don’t have them during Lent, they won’t have them ever. Arby’s changes their menu a lot. I was really excited they recently got the roast chicken back, but it wasn’t as good as I remember. I LOVE the diet blackberry iced tea – will have to try the other tea flavors.
    Have you tried Captain D’s? I like them so much better than Long John Silvers. Everything at LJS always tasted like peanut butter to me. Captain D’s has awesome fried green tomatoes, but only in the summer. I wonder if different Arby’s would have fish?

  9. I’ve heard people say that odd things taste like chicken. I have never before heard anyone say food tastes like peanut butter… HEHEHE

  10. I had the portillos halibut (holyfish) sandwich and I loved it. It had no fishy smell or taste and it was delicious. I would get it even if it wasn’t lent.

  11. @Gina – that doesn’t surprise me, Portillos has great food. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have them in NW Ohio. If I were getting Portillos, I would get some Italian beef or a Chicago dog or a cheesedog – YUM!!!

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