If I make two posts a day..


If I average around two posts a day from now until the last week of March, I may end up with around 1 post per day when I reach my 1 year anniversary of blogging. I’m not sure that will happen, since I do have a few other things going on between now and then. Today is a fluke because I have a little bit of time to blog a bit, while I’m waiting for some things to download. I just noticed, with my last post on fish sandwiches that I only needed 1 more to hit 300. Then only 65 more for the 1 post per day average by the end of March.

Unless I really want that distinction, it ain’t gonna happen..

I’m only adding more words, since on one of my other ‘century’ posts, I was given a bit of a rough time for the length of it. I do believe the comments on the post were longer than the post itself.

6 thoughts on “If I make two posts a day..”

  1. What’s the point of breaking your neck to average a post per day anyway? I was just surprised that I averaged over that somehow, especially being on vacation for a few weeks while in FL and having a baby, etc. I would just set a goal for yourself and stick to that… I don’t think I’ll get 365 more posts by next Feb 18 – my current goal is a post a day, five days a week, so we’ll see if I can stick to that. So far, so good…

  2. Yes, well, with 4 kids, I have to make my own opportunities to post – they would NEVER present themselves! And all of us ALWAYS have profound things to say, don’t we? 😉

  3. Heck, I haven’t averaged 1 a day yet, so I guess I won’t make 2 a day anytime soon. I just thought it was a neat little statistic to pass along on my 300th post. Completely unimportant and worthless. Does that describe my blog??? 😉

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