Computers, sometimes I just hate them.


Over the weekend I was updating the hardware on one of my computers.  While I had the case open, and my hands busily putting in many different parts, my daughter told me that the family computer wasn’t working.   Grumble Grumble.  I seeing it I thought that the video card was a goner.  It looked like the hard drives were still working, the key pad would display the proper lights when hitting the NumLock and ShiftLock keys.  So I took out the card and swapped it with another.  Still nothing.  I think after 2 1/2 days of tinkering with the stupid machine, I found the problem to be a bad install of DirectX.  Grumble, it wasn’t the hardware at all.

Why don’t I just use linux????

3 thoughts on “Computers, sometimes I just hate them.”

  1. Well, assuming all your hardware has compatible drivers, Linux should be a breeze! Otherwise, prepare for some frustration. This is from other people’s experience, not mine by the way. I have not actually tried Linux for some time. If I won one of these I might just be tempted to make a partition for it and give it a go. After breaking it in of course for a few months.

  2. A rhetorical question at best. I already know that some of my hardware is not Linux compatible. I have one Linux box running (old, very old, laptop with just barely enough guts to run Linux) and I’ve tried to attach my various cameras and other external devices, and they aren’t liked at all.

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