Movies I watch (that others don’t?)


I’ve been told I have a different taste in movies. I know that I watch and like some movies that others do not. The reason for this is simple, I go to movies to be entertained. If I lose myself for 1-4 hours (Lord of the Rings was at least that long on the extended DVD) and come out feeling entertained, I feel the movie did its job. The kicker on this is if I think the movie has a chance of entertaining me again. There is where I get my choices for good movies. Now for the movies that have been dumped on by critics, friends and family, but I still like them…

#1 on the list, but not in my favorites, this has just been dumped on by almost everybody, even the lead…. Catwoman. Yes, the one with Halile Barrie. I knew from the start that this movie was not going to follow any comic book ever written about Catwoman. It wouldn’t even be close to any of the Batman movies, TV or cartoon catwomen. But Hallie looked real good in the leather jump suit. Hell, her male stunt double looked good in the leather jump suit. I heard that she had a male stunt double for some of the fights, flips and other stunts but I had a hard time believing it. I was finally able to pick out the double, and CGI catwoman most of the time. Other than that, the character they developed for Catwoman was interesting to me. In knowing cats they came up with a good human characterization of the cats qualities. I found the transition from the mousy woman at the beginning of the show to the proud feline at the end was a good use of what this type of thing could do to a person. The beginning story line trying to find what was poisoning people, and the classic business cover up was good to. What I didn’t like was “Stone Faced” Sharon Stone. For 1 it was a really bad pun, but I don’t think that Catwoman needed that kind of adversary. It would have been better to put more mystery in the story and have the “Cat” stalk for it. More cat like in my opinion. I could go on but there are other movies to list…

2) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Just a fun flick. See how much they took advantage of the characters, and they did stretch them a bit, was pure enjoyment to me. The story was so-so, the acting was iffy, but it all worked as a whole for me.

3) DareDevil. Again, the story just kept my attention and I walked out in a better mood than when I went in.

4) Electra — Same for this one, I just enjoyed the movie.

5) The Shadow. I grew up listening to these on a little transistor radio hidden under my pillow. The show brought back fond memories of staying up late and not letting my parents catch me.

6)More B movie sci-fi fantasy than I can remember. Beast Master hits me as one of them. There was another, that I can’t remember the title of, but it was fun watching the heroine’s dress go from torn to whole to torn to dirty, to clean to whole in about a 15 minute period. I don’t think she ever had time to change.

…. More to come I just can’t remember all of them.

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