And why should we trust the politicians?


Since today is election day, I thought I would do a rare political post.

The great state of Ohio gave us the following laws

In Ohio it is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday, however, no one can be arrested on a Sunday or the 4th of July….

It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

In Canton Ohio it is illegal to play any game in the public parks without the Superintendent’s permission.

In Cleveland it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

In Youngstown it is illegal to run out of gas.

Now that is just a few dumb laws for more in Ohio and other states Click Here.

After reading just a few of these laws I wonder if anyone would trust a politician to make laws that really matter. They are the one who made these laws. As far as I know there still are no wild whales in Ohio.

4 thoughts on “And why should we trust the politicians?”

  1. That was the question I was going to ask, Jamiahsh. Is that true? And if so, and someone were breaking the law, they would be detained until Monday, when a formal arrest could occur. But it stills sounds unlikely to me.
    ‘course wild whale catching is unlikely as well 🙂

  2. From other research I did, the law about being arrested on Sunday started by trying to prevent State congressional members from being arrested during a session. The Sunday and 4th of July statements were added to try to prevent the passage of the bill. I tend to thing that is why most stupid laws are passed.

    I’m not sure about the whale fishing.

  3. The Ohio whales are finding Canada more friendly and are hanging out there. 😉

    Criminalizing running out of gas makes about as much sense as making it a felony to write a bad check (Bloomington/Normal, IL).

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