A New Site For $6,000,000…. Or Probably $48,000,000 By Now


For a few years now, there has been a site dedicated to the ORIGINAL Bionic Woman (not the so called reboot that was a victim of the writer’s strike two years ago… that was definitely HORRIBLE).  I have been a frequent fan of the site.  Last week, a new site dedicated to the father (or should I be bold and say… husband) series, The Six Million Dollar Man, was started.  You know… (or maybe you don’t know depending on your age and maybe afternoon rerun viewing of the 80s) the one about “Col. Steve Austin, astronaut… a man barely alive.”  They rebuilt him following a tragic piloting accident making him “better than he was before.  Better… Stronger… Faster.” The reluctant hero was endowed with a bionic arm, two bionic legs, and a bionic eye (although Lee Major’s now pitches an add for a “Bionic ear.”)  I fondly remember playing in the yard with my brother and friends.  Orders were given by “Oscar Goldman” for the mission of the week.  Bionic action complete with the awesomely cheesy sound effects battling evil terrorists, fembots, and other evil doers.  Although guess who ended up playing Jaime Sommers several times… only because my first name happened to be the same but spelled differently… somehow I think there was a little more to it than that, but I guess if I wanted to play with big brother…

But the site has brought back memories of rushing home from school to atch the reruns (I was only a year old in ’74 after all).

7 thoughts on “A New Site For $6,000,000…. Or Probably $48,000,000 By Now”

  1. Can’t say I ever saw an episode of either of those two. Spent my 80’s watching cartoons and reruns of The Brady Bunch, Batman, Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk and Nick at Night, which back then had reruns of REAL classics like Donna Reed, Mr. Ed, Danny Thomas, Mary Tyler Moore…

  2. I loved Nick at Nite back in the day. I miss ol’ Dennis the Menace, too. Even TV Land that started out like nick at Nite is now running not so classic tv. Wonder Woman… got all three seasons on DVD a few Christmas’ ago.

  3. Inflation on the $6,000,000 man. I would have thought that the tech is now available off the shelf. Maybe drop a zero. I remember watch that show, but I didn’t get into the bionic woman, I guess I had other things on my mind. I stopped watching a lot of TV sometime around college.

  4. I just recall a remark Col. Austin made during the first reunion movie. He thought he was work 24 million by 1987 (I believe it was).

  5. I watched that Bionic Woman reboot, though I admit to never having seen the original. It was just okay, so I wasn’t all that disappointed when it was canceled.

  6. I was definitely NOT saddened by the reboots cancellation and, yes, big brothers can be eeeevil… I know from experience, believe me 😉

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