Make The Most Of What You Are Given


I just learned that I will be portraying the role of Braxton in my local theatrical production of Little Women.  Since I know very little about the show apart from the book that I read years ago, I have no idea who this character is.  He is part of the ensemble which could mean anything.  However important the character is I will do my best to make him as memorable as I can.  Hopefully, it calls for some amount of energy and  a chance to stand out (if not who’s to say I cannot do so on my own).  There are no small parts only small performers, right?

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  1. Thanks…. I hope you do, too. More chances to catch it than for Silver Spoon but the dates could be tricky for you 🙂

  2. Murder with a Silver Spoon was a dinner theatre production we did a few months ago…. stilll waiting on the DVD… the possible reunion must have fell through… but thanks… hope to see everyone there


    Thunder claps. Lightening strikes. The fair, Clarissa, her clothes in disarry, races across the wild coastal heat.

    Now she stops-
    Now she runs!
    Will she escape?
    Will she be caught?

    With bold determination, the villainous aristocrat, Braxton Pendergrass lurches for her!

    There’s no escape,
    She’s but a child!
    And yet she turns to fight
    With eyes ablaze!
    This noble girl!
    Heart afraid!
    She will not be defiled!

    Clarissa: Keep away from me you wretch!

    Braxton: I cannot keep away! Your beauty draws me, your passion ignites me!

    Braxton: I’ve got to hold you!

    Clarissa: I defy you!

    Braxton: Got to have you!

    Clarissa: Let me by you!

    Braxton: Come close
    Clarissa: Don’t come to close!
    Braxton: Come close!
    Clarissa: Don’t come so close! Don’t come so close to me!
    Braxton: Come this close to me!

    Braxton: I’ll have her, and the mother too!

    Jo: And at that moment, Rodrigo appears, in magnificent splendor!

    Rodrigo: Unhand that woman, villains!

    Braxton: Who are you?

    Rodrigo: I am your destiny!
    Your bitterious fo!
    You stole what was rightly mine,
    Ten long years ago!
    You left me cold, alone and forgotten!
    Now I’m back to settle the score!

    Professor Bhaer: Miss March! Tell me…what is it that you’re writing here?

    Jo: Blood and guts stuff. It’s all the rage. The magazines and the periodicals are full of it.

    Professor Bhaer: Violence and seduction on every page.

    Jo: Read Shakespeare. Read history. Read the newspapers.

    Professor Bhaer: It’s getting late. I think it best we pursue this some other time.

    Jo: No, Professor, I want to know what you think.

    Professor Bhaer: Blood and guts stuff…what you think the world wants to hear. If I have noticed nothing else about you, Miss March, I have noticed you are unique, something you should try not to forget. I think you could do better.

    Jo: Better. … Well who are you anyways? An aging German professor close to 50.

    Professor Bhaer: I am 34!

    Jo: 34, really? Well, you look a lot older.

    Professor Bhaer: I worry a lot.

    Jo: Just what do you worry about?

    Professor Bhaer: How to avoid a conversation like this! Now I will go to dinner! Since you have been here, Miss March, six weeks now, is it? You shout, you rant, you upset the entire order of this boarding house! I am a serene and peaceful man-

    Jo: You’re aloof! You’re arrogant!

    Professor Bhaer: Arrogant? Miss March I spoke my mind, as you spoke yours! Obviously it was not appreciated on either side!

    Jo: Obviously! My stories were a great success in concord!

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