Dumb-O-Dumb-One-O Take 2

Yet another television series will be reimagined soon.  Apparently, an update of “Beverly Hills, 90210” is on the way.  According to sources, none of the original cast or characters will be included (unfortunately for them who seem to have disappeared into oblivion).   I think a better appraoch would be to cater to the  fans  of the original series who probably are in their late 20s-early 30s and  bring back the old and  see them dealing with adult hood.  If there actually were people who enjoyed the show of teenage-angst.  Personally, I never missed an episode…..HAHAHAHA.  Actually, I proudly confess that I never saw one and cannot name a single character but do remember an actor by the name of Puke Luke Perry.  However, the cast of the updated series will include Lori Loughlin from another late 80s classic “Full House.”  How about adding the actor from “Family Matters” who played Steve Urkel (what was his name?) or Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  Reimagining it as a comedy could not hurt it at all… right?

5 thoughts on “Dumb-O-Dumb-One-O Take 2”

  1. Jaleel White = Steve Urkel
    I watched 90210 – it was alright; I wasn’t a die hard fan or anything, but I did watch it regularly for most of it’s run, not all. It gave birth to a spinoff that I liked too – Melrose Place, which was a prime-time soap opera for adults.
    But I will remember that you know nothing about 90210 in case it comes up during trivia for game night again!

  2. Yes, and still acting too. He had a lead role in the TV series The Guardian a few years ago which I watched, and has had roles as late as last year according to IMDB. Neither he nor Broderick sullied their names with this straight to video sequel though. All unknowns.

  3. direct to video, eh?…. at least the masterminds behind that were bright enough not to release it on the big screen 🙁

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