It’s nice to not have to drive far…


When they say the average American is stuck in traffic (i.e. not moving or moving slowly, not the total commute) commuting to work 38 hours per year (nearly double that if you hail from L.A.) it is nice to have a short trip.  In fact, this is a trip that I could easily walk if not for the heavy bag I carry.  I suppose I could stick my stuff in a backpack, but that really wouldn’t look very professional.  In any event, coincidence gave me two half-day jobs- for two team teachers!  From my understanding they did not coordinate this, but had to take off half-days for two different reasons.  I literally walked through the wall to get to the other class.  Okay, it was a collapsible wall that was partly open, but still.  Both teachers taught 3rd/4th grade multiage and so I even saw some of the same students both morning and afternoon due to switching classes- they switched for spelling and math.  It was a pretty pleasant day overall, in the top 15-20% of all my workdays.  I just had to look around, because this is exactly the sort of thing I will see in June if I get to do camp again.  What I mean is, combined 3rd/4th grades just graduated to 4th/5th.  I would put up a video here of last year, but since I am not their parent I don’t think I can since I’m sure more than my friends read this even if they don’t post (hint, hint!).  Perhaps I can be persuaded to give a private viewing if asked though.  Of course it’s possible I already showed a couple of you the video last year, but not all.  What, still with me?  Go on, leave a comment already! 🙂

7 thoughts on “It’s nice to not have to drive far…”

  1. Get a man-purse 🙂
    Or a wheely suitcase…
    It’s nice to be able to walk everywhere, especially with gas prices as high as they are… I don’t think I spend ANY hours per year stuck in traffic… oh wait, except for those visits to Chicago 😉

  2. And thanks for faithfully commenting on my blog. Without you, I’d be depressed about the interest. Yes, J and J, I know you do too sometimes as well, and thanks to you two too. (What a final sentence! 😮 )

  3. I wasn’t making fun, honest! They really do make man-purses… a guy on our theater board has one and commented about how useful it is the other day. It’s kind of like a briefcase, but less stiff. The wheely suitcase suggestion was more of a joke 🙂

  4. I didn’t think you were making fun- I was replying “ouch” to the Chicago traffic dig… (but you’re right!). I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term “man-purse” before. Now that I look, I see that it could be a laptop bag or any number of bags (that look nothing like purses!) that are slung over the shoulder.

  5. oh yes… that WAS a dig on Chicago traffic… but too true, unfortunately, that’s why I couldn’t resist – as I was thinking about sitting in traffic, I was like hmmm, I really don’t have to anymore, then I realized I do when I come to Chicago… Anyway, yes, there are a number of solutions for manly stuff-carrying. Chris suggests an attache case (no idea how to spell that! Pronounced a-tash-ay)

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