Meet Me AAAAAAT The Fair

The Monday following Labor Day is the annual Fair Day for kids in Williams County, Ohio.  This day all the little ones get another day away from the classroom.  This year, kids in most of the districts had a four day weekend as Friday was canceled due to fog.  Monday morning, I had the honor of sitting for a five and three-year-old.  By 11AM, they were getting rambunctious so I decided to take them to the fair.  Grandma gave me $20 to use between the two of them for snacks and to bring their mother back a bag of delicious roasted peanuts (one of the stands I frequent yearly).  As we arrived, Sydney (the three-year old) saw a ride that seemed to peak her attention… or maybe it was the flag on top.  It was a ride that took passengers slowly straight up in the air; then, it suddenly dropped and returned to earth.  Up close, my young niece thought against the ride.

We found a ticket stand at which I purchased two wristbands for the girls.  And we went on our way.  First stop, the carousel at which I was needed to ride with Sydney on the non-mobile bench and Alyssa also wanted no part of riding on a horse… BOY are these MY nieces?  There was also a train that both of them enjoyed and a Strawberry ride that resembled the teacup ride at Disney Parks around the world.  Sydney did not want to ride the school bus attraction until she watched her big sister brave it.  There were a few rides that I would have gone on: the bumper cars which probably would not have been a good idea.  I had the feeling that Alyssa would still be a bit short to drive a car herself and I don’t think three in one is allowed.  However, I did get tickets to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl which little Syd did not like at all.

As for the snacks, that was the highlight of the day.  Another of my must stops is the Dairy Association’s milkshake stand.  Every year, I eagerly await the arrival of the fair if only to indulge in one of the tasty treats.  Unfortunately, the girls were not too big on them.  I made the mistake of getting them both one.  Actually, one wanted chocolate while the other wanted vanilla (I don’t know why but… a vanilla shake?  I do know that some of my other relatives prefer vanilla over chocolate so I’m not that surprised).  They each took one sip of their respective shake and immediately said YUCK!  WHAT?! Ah, well…. it wasn’t my money being wasted.

Before we left, I asked them what they wanted for their snack.  Sydney wanted a bag of salt water taffy…. yum, yum.  Alyssa adamantly stated that she wanted a CANDY apple.  So we went to the stand operated by friends of our family.  We got Syd’s taffy then I asked Alyssa if she really wanted a CANDY apple.  At least three times she said yes… a CANDY apple.  She got her candy apple, began to lick the hard, CINNAMON candy and said… “I don’t like this.”  I knew it.  Not only did I know that she does not like cinnamon candy, I had a feeling that she would not be able to bite into it.  After 5 minutes of pouting, the apple ended up on the ground then in the garbage.  Once again, not a big deal to me… not my money.  Sydney was sweet enough to share a few pieces of taffy.

I found it strange that neither girl wanted to see the animals until we were across the race track headed back to the car.  It was nearing 4 and I had to get back for rehearsal so we had to miss the big bike giveaway at 5… must be present to win of course.  Ironically, the next day I learned that a grandson of one of my co-workers was the winner of one of the two bikes.  I think they still give two away.

All in all not a bad time, except for a few moments, but what can ya do?

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  1. Oh good… now I don’t feel so bad about the meltdowns you had to observe during your Manny-ing. Yes, it happens to every kid, especially at the fair for some reason, must be the fun-down, I guess. You know, the let-down kids feel after looking forward to something really fun? And I didn’t find the shakes this year 🙁 but I remember loving them. I wasn’t able to enjoy much fair food this year due to my extremely painful mouth problem, more on that later…
    But glad you had a good time, despite the tantrums.

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