One day closer!


Well, another day closer to out anniversary! Today we had Phillip’s graduation party and we also headed towards Toledo again! We went to Fallen Timbers shopping center and looked at the book store and the game store. I found plenty of books, but of course, they were more than I was willing to spend the moment. Once we got to Emmy’s, I got into the pool, but with as many kids as there was in the pool, I didn’t stay in very long. I couldn’t really swim at all! We left again to get away from the people that were filling Emmy’s house and went to Best Buy to check up on Tony’s application. Then we went to another book store! Has any one guessed that I love book stores?

3 thoughts on “One day closer!”

  1. Wha… you like books, froggy? I am shocked, shocked I say! 😀

    I like books too, but not to purchase- not in my budget usually. As such I spend more time at my library than in bookstores. Anything worthwhile at the game store?

  2. I know Emily has a private pool, but what you write about is exactly why I stay away from public pools – can’t stand feeling like a sardine packed into a can of water! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!

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