Review Debut!

As you may know, we are heavily involved in our local community theater.  For each play in which we were involved, part of the fun was to see what the newspaper critic would publish about it.  Well, the newspaper reviewer has been canned, and so my husband was asked to take over.  Not wanting the responsibility […]

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Ok… today (all right, yesterday) was the second annual Theatre Softball Game/Picnic. When I arrived, I saw people decorating the pavilion where we were to meet decorating for a birthday party. Unfortunately, the sheet that claimed our group’s rental had fallen off. However after the offer was made to share the space, the birthday revelers

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Cell Phones!

Anyone who was involved in the WCCT’s most recent production of Idol Night at the Karaoke Place will probably remember a cell phone ringing and someone answering it loudly on opening night. Yes, it was my mom.  And now there is even an article written about it! Ugh, mom.  Why you mom!!

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