Actor: Not Believable as a Human Being.


If you’ve seen friends you might remember the episode when Joey, a often unemployed and ridiculously bad actor, gets a review that reads “Not believable as a human being.”…  Well, today I am the received such acclaim.

I am in a local production of the Nerd and play the title character or Rick Steadman; the Nerd.

With such choice phrases used as “over the top” and “upstages the others” and “hard to believe he is a real person” it is indeed time to ask myself the question…  Am I as bad as Joey?

The good news is the show itself got a good review and so did some of my VERY WELL DESERVING castmates!!  🙂  🙂

Oh well.  I can only learn for next time.  I have always found myself a little better at dramatic roles; not a character actor am I.  For now I will have to live with “not being believable as a human being” — or at least “hard to believe he is a real person”.

6 thoughts on “Actor: Not Believable as a Human Being.”

  1. Definitely not as bad as Joey. We can’t all be the character actor. I thought the point was that Rick is supposed to be “over the top.” Can’t wait to read the review IF the paper gets here. YOU ARE FANTASTIC.

  2. whatever… if you know anything about the show you know why the author of this post is wrong – I’m not going to say and spoil it, but lets just say this poster should probably spend more time correcting his typos than he does misinterpretting our local reviewer who is notorious for writing things people don’t like. Maybe he should stop doing shows if they’re just an excuse to exercise an already unhealthy self-esteem problem.

  3. You are such a talented actor, director, performer that half of what some two-bit “reviewer” who is “a fourth generation Stanislovski student and has been in over 999,999,999.999 productions” is definitely not worth the paper. CHIN UP, my friend 🙂

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