Ok… today (all right, yesterday) was the second annual Theatre Softball Game/Picnic. When I arrived, I saw people decorating the pavilion where we were to meet decorating for a birthday party. Unfortunately, the sheet that claimed our group’s rental had fallen off. However after the offer was made to share the space, the birthday revelers graciously set up at another nearby location.

So after the large contingent of theatre regulars and new recruits ate, the time had come to do battle on the softball diamond. The teams were chosen and the game commenced. I again amazed myself by getting on base 4 out of 6 times. the first at bat being a strike out. Happily, I hit a triple but almost caught up with the runner in front of me; I kept shouting… “GO, C____, GO!” The fielding however, not so good. Although, I was instrumental in turning a double play at first base. I kept offering to let someone else take the position, but… However, after 7 innings of play, my team had 19 runs to our opponents 18. Not too bad for a group of thespians out having a day of fun. Yes, I WOULD say that had my team lost. I did see the tell-tale sign of the buzzards circling our territory as they did last year looking for any fresh meat that happened their way.

The festivities continued at the wonderful home of some of the best people anyone could ever have the great pleasure of knowing. We watched the 1994 Kevin Spacey starring film Swimming with Sharks. For anyone who has ever wanted to get into the film industry, this is DEFINITELY THE MOVIE FOR YOU. A very dark, but hilarious tale about a little guy getting revenge.  The movie tells the story of a young man who hopes to break into the business who has the boss from hell (played marvelously by Mr. Spacey). The young assistant grows so tired of his demanding, overbearing, rude, obnoxious boss that he kidnaps him and well… you just have to see for yourself. Also in the cast is Michelle Forbes who appeared as Ensign Ro Laren on Star Trek The Next Generation.

The evening ended long after most everyone else had left. Three of us were trying to convince our fourth wonderful friend to join us for a few days in Florida next month. She promised that she would consider it (look at her syllabi, try to get off work for 4 days, etc). Honestly, we were not trying to force her to join us; we just thought it would be so great to have her come along. But, she promised to let us know soon.

So, yet another fun day with great friends.

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