WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER 27!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU YANKEES IN SIX!!!!! FIRST TIME SINCE 2000 (yes, I know some have never or have not had the feeling for many years).  Last night, I saw a picture of a past World Series ring on a friends Facebook profile that positively made me drool.  Apparently Molly has a connection in the offices of the NEW YORK YANKEES!  She was allowed to wear the ring for a day!  Tonight’s hero… Hideki Matsui…Godzilla himself.  Nearly became the first player in history to hit for the cycle in World Series play.  A two run home run, a two run single, a double… just missing the triple.  The most uttered phrase in sport’s history… “The Yankees are world champions!”

Ol’ Blue Eyes is singin now!

MVP….. HIDEKI MATSUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fans in Japan are celebrating at 1.07PM.  6 of the seven RBIs! Not too bad for a DHer whose contracts expires this year and is questionable?

I was even at work through the first three innings with my cell phone giving updates!

Winning pitcher… Andy Pettite!

Game 5 was a fluke… just getting it back to NYC… and deservedly so to christen the new cathedral right!

Great series… great games… great season!  Ok… maybe this will be the end of my Yankee’s posts for the next 5-6 months.

And the OTHER fab four: Pettite, Mariano RIVERA… BIG MO, Jorge Posada, AAAAAND CAPTAIN JETER!!!!!! OK… SO MAYBE THE PARADE ON FRIDAY!!! No thanks to the brilliant (HA!!!) COMMENTARY OF JOE SCHMO BUCK!

So… until spring training begins….. THE YANKEES WIN!  THAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YANKEES WIN!


8 thoughts on “START SPREADIN THE NEWS!!!!!!!!”

  1. And I thought the most uttered phrase in sports history was: “Wait until next year.” 😉

    Grumble, grumble Congrats to the Yankees.

    Even as a baseball fan, I think the current season with all of the playoff games is just a bit long. It did use to end in October didn’t it? I’m sure that is why Mr. Reggie Jackson was called Mr. October instead of Mr November.

  2. 27 championships?? I think the umpires need to start making the tougher calls on this team like officials did with our Da Bulls back in their time. 😉

  3. GEEZ… How many times are you going to make me say it? Congrats already!!!
    Must be nice… I think I’m too old already to have any hope of seeing my team win the series 27 times, so like Justj, I say grumble grumble…
    But I’m happy for you, so CONGRATS!
    (But don’t expect my support next year – give someone else a chance! 😉 )

  4. I am not opposed to sharing the wealth. I am definitely not opposed to a Cubs Series as much as I loathe the ribbing from a certain member of my family. Good luck to all next year.

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