Our Poor Baby

One of my babies is sick.  It’s not one of the four children, thank goodness, but it’s still someone who is a part of our family and means the world to us – our beloved almost 12-year-old dog Charity.

Princess Charity 9-6-09

Charity has an aural hematoma, which is basically when a cavity within the ear fills with blood.  It’s very painful for the dog, and poor Charity has been slowly sauntering around the house in a daze; I can’t stand it.  The good news is that we have a vet appointment tomorrow, and the really bad news is that it will cost a minimum of $150, more likely upwards of $300-500 to fix.  But how much money is too much to help our baby?  We adopted Charity as a puppy 11 years ago before we had any kids, and she’s been with our family through countless moves and other episodes in life, both good and bad.  I guess we’re all going to have to be a little patient while my husband picks up some extra work hours so we can pay the vet to fix all of her old dog ailments.

Please pray for Charity to get well.  She is an older dog, and I can’t stand the thought of putting her through surgery.  I really hope she feels better soon!  She’s been sleeping all the time, and there is no one to clean up all the food that the kids drop – the house is getting so messy!  And believe it or not, I actually miss her constant barking…  🙁

9 thoughts on “Our Poor Baby”

  1. I, too, am praying for Charity. I was worried putting Loopy through surgery last summer at age 12 but she has been like a new girl since. Let’s home the same happens to Charity.

  2. Know what that’s like 😉

    Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. I might post an update after the vet visit.

  3. The procedure went very well, and we were able to bring Charity home yesterday – she felt so much better immediately! The bill was less than we thought (but still a lot!), and Charity came home with a bag full of medicines that would make any human senior citizen envious 😉
    THANKS SO MUCH for all your thoughts and prayers!

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