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Thankfully, the game really did not get started until I got off work at 9.  Up until then, the Yanks and Angels were scoreless through three, but that was soo to change.  Game 4 in the ALCS featured a remarkable one-two punch for the Bombers.  C.C. pitched eight incredible innings allowing one run on five hits on a short three days rest and giving the much used bullpen a rest of its own.

Alex Rodriguez with all the turmoil he has been in this year off the field has never had a better post season.  I cannot forget his arrival in the pin-stripes.  He was terrible in the post season.  This year… 5 home runs, 11 RBIs.  Tonight he was a triple away from hitting a cycle including a two run smash.

Last night’s questionable use of the bullpen and tonight’s even more questionable calls made by the crew chief along the third base line are now a distant memory as the Yankees are one victory away from THE WORLD SERIES.  Now… I just have to concentrate on other things until Thursday night (of course that will not be a problem for me… sorry guys, you will have to take a back seat until 9).  Hopefully, they can wrap it up Thursday night so I can go a-haunting this weekend safe in the knowledge that they will be back in the Big Apple waiting for next Wednesday.   But… it is not over yet.

For anyone not in the know… Yankees 10, Angels 1.

And today is the 99th birthday for the longtime former voice of the Yanks, Bob Sheppard.  In homage, Captain Jeter has Mr. Sheppard’s recorded voice announcing him every time he steps up to the plate (at hime, anyway).  Can we get a “Yankees win!   THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yankees WIN!” Mr. Sheppard began announcing in the ’51 season with none other than greats like Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra leading the Bombers to another World Championship.

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  1. in LA? prolly not. Even today would have been great for a game in da Bronx. We’ll see what next week brings. Sounds like it could be close travel times if the trend continues.

  2. One of these years that lil’ ol’ news item in Back to the Future 2 will come true. We’re getting closer to that year, 2015 (I think that was the year) so it has to happen. Of course, as a non-sports person I won’t see it happen, but will nonetheless be pleased when I read the news. We’ll see what the new owners can do do make it happen.

      1. And NOW we have to wait ANOTHER night because they couldn’t afford a dome in the new stadium. That probably would have diminished the appearance though.

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