Sandwich for Wednesday


Tomorrow  I will be using some leftover beef roast to be the base of my dinner sandwich.    I have more salad fixings so that works out too.

Thin sliced beef, beef broth, onions, peppers.  Saute onions and peppers when tender add broth and beef heat through.  Drain, serve with tortillas, shredded cheese and salsa.    Salad or something else to go with this and I’m all set.  Or I could use some of the rolls from today and serve it au jus, skipping the salsa.  That of will depend on how I feel.

I will be making a trip to Fort Wayne Thrusday and Friday, so I may not have homemade sandwiches for those days.  It all depends on when I get home.  Thursday night is also play rehearsal so  that limits the amount of time I can spend in the kitchen.  There are quicker things to put together, and of course the easy way out  — hitting some fast food place.

I’m having fun putting together some quick ‘meals’ and sharing them, I hope you can try one or two on your own.  I’m also open to any suggestions.

11 thoughts on “Sandwich for Wednesday”

  1. Don’t really have any good sandwich recipes – any sandwich I’d make for a meal would have to be x6 and probably wouldn’t be all that quick. We usually do bulk cooking for lunch and dinner – eggs, casseroles, spaghetti, etc. I have a great casserole recipe; maybe you’ll do a casserole series sometime and I’ll share it.
    But a fun sandwich recipe for kids to make (wouldn’t really be more than a snack for adults) is a pizza sandwich – butter one side each of two pieces of bread, put pizza (or leftover spaghetti) sauce, mozzarella cheese and desired toppings (not too many or it will be hard to flip) between the bread, put the bread butter or marg side to pan and cook it like a grilled cheese – brown both sides. It’s yummy!

  2. I guess I have to get my mind in gear to make quick/easy meals in family size…. Do you have a crock pot? That is a wonder for busy families.

  3. I do have a crock pot! And your’re right, it’s great for large families. The only problem is that I have a super-small crock pot and a super-large crock pot, nothing in between. But, I haven’t tried using it since we’ve added one more, so the super-large one might actually work now. I’ve made stew, cheese soup, cheesy ham souffle, and crock pot lasagna in it – all were liked by the kids so that’s got to say something.

  4. the pizza/spaghetti sand sounds yummy! Similar to one of my favorites… flying saucers… however, these are baked in the oven on english muffins or hamburg buns.

  5. The thing with the large crock pot is, it’s difficult to layer certain things in it because it’s so large which also makes it easy to burn things. Again, this was my experience when only cooking for 5 vs 6 – time to dig that out again!

  6. Oh yes – there is a mini-pizza recipe I’ve been wanting to try, but it involves muffin tins which I do not have – maybe this is the same thing?

  7. Crock pot sandwich: Cook your pot roast the way you normally do, and then slice the leftovers for sandwiches. I *never* get leftover pot roast to take to work; the guys always finish it off first. Also, for taylhis’ casserole thought, if you make Poppy’s macaroni and cheese casserole, then slice the cold leftovers, it makes a sandwich even my macaroni-and-cheese-disliking husband likes!

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