Sandwich for today….


I thought I could just add a comment about my sandwiches this week, but why waste a good blog post. 😉

I’m in the mood for something different today, so today’s sandwich has no meat.  I picked up some Portabella  Mushrooms (the big ones), a sweet onion, tomatoes, and Munster cheese.   For bread I picked up some hard rolls.

To start I sautéd  the onion.  I then put these off to the side while cooking the mushrooms.  The mushroom was brushed on both sides with olive oil.  I started cooking with the gill side down for a couple of minutes.  I’m just heating through on this side.  I then flip the mushroom, fill with onions and top with a slice of munster cheese.  At this point I brush the roll with olive oil and brown the insides.   When done, slid the mushroom between the two slices of the roll.  Salt and or pepper can be added to the gill side of the mushroom before adding the onions.

A slice of tomato made a nice addition to the sandwich.

This goes very nicely with a spinach salad.

That started with some baby spinach, shredded carrots, diced onion, slivered almonds, thin sliced radishes and mandarin orange segments.  I’m cooking for one today, so I don’t have measurements for this.  I just made enough for me.   A ginger dressing completed the salad.

So what’s for dinner?

8 thoughts on “Sandwich for today….”

  1. Sounds great! Oh, to have time to REALLY be able to cook again! Any time you want to experiment a meal, I have a houseful of willing guinea pigs!

  2. Wow Jamiahsh – I’m surprised your comment was long enough! And JustJ – what would be an easy 10-15 minutes for you can easily turn into an hour at least for me what with all the stopping for diaper changes, getting ready for school, feeding kids, doing homework, and just getting them out of trouble, etc. On the days when I try to prepare my lunch, I often run out of time to eat it after running into a bunch of interruptions while preparing. So yeah, it just wouldn’t be worth me trying anything creative in the kitchen for at least a few years, but I am certainly looking forward to it!

  3. I liked the sound of your later sandwich (next post), but I’m one of those people who can’t stand mushrooms unless I am playing a Super Mario Bros. game so I will have to take a pass on this one, sorry…

  4. Mmm, mushrooms. Fond memories come rushing back of morrels, and fried puffball slices. I’m too late in the year again, aren’t I?

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