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Kind of a double content post.

My youngest made it back from her competition in Myrtle Beach. A superior rating was given to the dance choir. They scored 95 out of 100 in the competition. I will need to wait until tomorrow to get more information, it seems the trip tired someone out.

The other thing, one of my ‘other’ favorite teams (anyone playing the Yankees — Sorry Jamiahsh) had a player steal home. A rare feat in baseball. A matter of timing, skill, and a bit of luck. Not done too often now. Major league record holder for most swipes of home was a former Tiger, Ty Cobb. Just for Jamiahsh, Lou Gehrig is on the home steal list with 15 and even Babe Ruth had 10. No it isn’t something that happens very often. More pitchers staying in the stretch when there is a man on third. Managers not wanting this to happen. Ball players a bit more cautious. Any and maybe all of those things contribute.

I’m trying to find the active player with the most steals of home, but it is hard to find. I’ll keep looking.

By the way, I didn’t mention Ty Cobb stole home 54 times. 50 times for the Detroit Tigers and 4 for the Philadelphia Athletics.

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  1. Stolen Bases:
    Kenny Lofton leads active players in stolen bases and is ranked 15th all-time with 622 stolen bases, which isn’t even half as many as leader Rickey Henderson has with 1406. Barry Bonds is next among active players at 32nd on the list with 514. Bonds sacrificed speed for power during the last 6 years having only 30 stolen bases in those six years.

    (This is only through 2008. Sure, I know nothing about baseball, but I do like to investigate things….. 😉 )

  2. Mary, Those are good sites, but since I am looking specifically for people who stole home, the standard sites don’t do much good. The stealing of home is not an ‘official’ MLB record. They don’t separate those out from the any other base.

    taylhis. Yes she had a lot of fun, but she didn’t see any fires, just smoke. Then again, she was sleeping on the bus.

    jamihsh, I already mentioned one of the teams, but I didn’t mention the outcome of the game. I should mention that all my ‘favorite’ teams did well yesterday. 😉

    We will see tonight, since the Tigers are facing the Yankees. I guess we both know who the other is rooting for.

  3. Yes, I know the outcome of that game. Good luck to our respective teams tonight. I should ask my second oldest brother about the stealing home record among active players. He is a veritable encyclopedia of bball knowledge.

  4. From my recent research, no active Major League player has stolen home more than 10 times. I do know that Gary Shefield did it at least twice, since I was listening to a game when he stole home, and the announcers were saying something about the last time he did it.

  5. looks like the Yanks tried to rally, but too little, too late. Cubs have a west coast game that I doubt I will make it through.

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