A Day With Rosie

Now that the kids have been transported to school (an adventure in and of itself… nope still haven’t perfected the actual molecule beaming device… had to do it the old-fashioned way… by car).  I can come back and straighten the house so big brother doesn’t come home to a disaster.  Thank goodness, I have Rosie (la petite French maid… HUHN, HUHN!  Ooo, la, la!) to help me, I can kick back and watch as she goes through her paces.  From where I sit, she doesn’t seem to be doing too badly.  Very small, very fast, just my type.  I did do the dishes and picked up large items on the floor to make her job just a little bit easier.  She does seem to be having a bit of difficulty… looks like she is stuck on a furnace grating… excuse me while I go help her.  And away she goes  Boy, can she suck!!  OK…OK… Rosie is nothing more than the robotic vacuum.  Does take a little time but I have the day off, so I can get the house clean and do what I like as the sweeper does her thing

Well… while I let Rosie do her job, I think I will find a good show to pop in the Blu-Ray…

4 thoughts on “A Day With Rosie”

  1. ooh… a Rosie sounds like a great thing for a kid-ful house! Wonder how she’d handle lots of pet hair? The amount of pet hair in our house has broken a few full-sized vacuums, so…

    1. not sure how she would do with a family with a house full of pets. But Little Rosie performed admirably with small debris left by 3 kids.

  2. I always wondered if those things worked. It would make a superior playmate for Miss Kitty!

    My brother got me a Bissel this last Christmas designed especially for pet hair. I LOVE it! Now if I could only get the ambition to use it a little more often, I’d be all set!!!


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