Sad day in Tiger Town


I just read that Ernie Harwell passed away. This was expected, since he had an inoperable form of cancer.

I grew up listening to Mr. Harwell on the radio. As a Tiger fan, he was the voice of the Tigers. I would have the game on TV, but the sound would be off and I would listen to the guy on the radio. His strong voice would carry Tiger games over the airwaves of WJR from Detroit.

Of course things change with the Tigers as I grew older, but for the most part the voice was constant. Until one year he was no longer there. He had been let go!! Outrage by Tiger fans eventually brought him back to the booth until he retired. Oh the many good memories he provides me. That old transistor radio hidden under my pillow, just what was needed for those West Coast Series. That same radio hidden at School to listen to day games in the fall or spring. Driving in the evening tormenting my wife and oldest daughter because I had to listen to the game. I grew out of that (mostly) when Ernie left. He was the voice for me.

He retired many years ago, but would visit the booth from time to time. Often in spring training to recite the following:

For, lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come,
And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

I never knew what that had to do with baseball, but it was a springtime tradition for Tiger fans.

Sad day in Tiger Town, and in the world of Baseball.

5 thoughts on “Sad day in Tiger Town”

  1. Sorry to hear that.
    Cubs had Harry Caray, and I remember when he left… There is something to be said about a regular personable baseball announcer.

  2. Jamiahsh — Back in 1991, when Bo Schembeckler (sp) was the GM, and the other pizza guy owned the team, they were cleaning house and trying to save bucks (my point of view, no firm facts), they canned Harwell. He was missing from Detroit until the Current Pizza guy bought the team. I know he was the TV announcer for a few years after 1991 too. Harwell was off the team during the 1992 season.

    Taylhis — Yes, Harry Caray was another one of those timeless announcers. I enjoyed listening to his broadcasts on those rare times I would catch a Cubs game.

  3. Well… what can you expect from B.S. who cares about the spelling? Yep… HOLY COW! Can I mention THE Voice without being banned? HEHE! (Bob Sheppard and his famous line? I won’t delight you all with that))

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