A Gold Star For Me


So the last two nights have been dedicated to walking through Miracles.  We were warned that we would be “using book as little as possible.”  However, it was more of a see how much we know with less than 3 weeks to go!  It is so difficult to feel comfortable until we get on the stage.  The VPs do not get the stage until 2 weeks prior to curtain… probably the one thing I do not enjoy with the group.  However, I am really pleased with the amount of memorizing I have been able to do thus far.  I surprised myself.  Still some work to be done there but I was pleased.

Many of the dramatic beats are coming along nicely as well.  Even I can’t believe where they are at this point!  Imagine where they will be in a few weeks.  I’m really going to surprise a lot of people… myself included.  I got a gold star Monday night and heard some “WOW”s from the director tonight.  Even a “Well done, Mr. Shaf.”

I must say that this is my most emotionally draining stage experience to date.  I will definitely be ready for a lighter show very soon.  But I am lovin’ the challenge of the drama.  I wonder if the countdown widget is back!  Time to add one.

7 thoughts on “A Gold Star For Me”

  1. Too bad you’ve got this play going on. I may be able to get tickets to the Tigers/Yanks series next week. However, Well done, Mr. Shaf….

  2. Tempting… BUT… sometimes even the Yanks must take a back seat. Would be cool though. I remember going to the old Tiger Stadium in the 80s to watch a game.

  3. Now, taylhis surely you know by now I have to do more than one show. But I will have a little more than a month before the next audition. 😉

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