And the movies never did it justice.


and probably never could, but I haven’t seen the TV series.

What am I talking about?

I just finished reading Alexandre Dumas’ book ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. This is a very long book. It loops here, there and everywhere. Characters have many interactions with others. There are friends, sons, daughters, parents and of course enemies involved. Plot twists abound.

I remember back many years ago, I read this book for High School. It was just after we moved out into the boonies. The house had no heat, it was the middle of the winter and my parents and younger sister were living in a camper. With very little room to move around, reading was the activity of the day. It took me a weekend, plus a day or two to finish the 1000+ page book. I enjoyed it, but all recollection was pushed aside. I saw at least one movie and a TV adaptation of the book and enjoyed those too. I even liked the ‘Mr. Magoo’ version.

I will tell you that as an adult (maybe in name only), I enjoyed this book more than any of the previous encounters with the work. Maybe I got a better translation this time, but the writing was crisp and clear even when the plot was not (and the plot was meant to be foggy).

I knew the story, but was compelled to turn to the next page and read the next chapter. I will recommend this book to anyone with some lonnng reading time they want to fill.

Oh, and the best thing about this. I was reading it on my Nook and I wasn’t trying to hold up pounds of paper. 🙂

6 thoughts on “And the movies never did it justice.”

  1. Sounds like reading Les Miserables to me. And NOOOOOO I’m not looking for something to fill a loooong read time. Mr. Magoo in The Count of Monte Cristo, must be one that has been lost. Of course, the only time I see any of his cartoons is at Christmas.

  2. Not looking for more books to read here either… think I’m going to have to interrupt the Potter series; just going to slowly, and I’m so tired when I read it that I’m forgetting events and characters… plus how I miss the non-fiction! And I think it’s time for me to read my favorite book Monkeys on the Interstate again…
    Glad you are still enjoying your Nook!!

  3. Les Mis is on my list of things to read, so I may do a comparison.

    Non-Fiction is also on the list…

  4. Dang musical…. Les Miserable is not available as a free ebook in English. I do believe the people from “Les Mis” re-applied for the copyright.

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