Number 2 Meets Number 4


What an accomplishment to an already stellar career that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Tonight, Derek Jeter joined Lou Gehrig (The Iron Horse, The Pride of the Yankees) as the all time Yankee hitter at 2721. A bunt, a blast, and a rip to right field brought the new and old icons even. Even if he is a graduate of Kalamazoo High School in that state up north where he spent a semester as one of those unmentionables, Derek has handled the spotlight that comes with the stripes with integrity, and maturity over the past 15 years. Even if I were not a fan, I would find it difficult to not cheer for the shortstop phenom. Jeter’s work ethic makes it nearly impossible for him to place any solo accomplishment above those of the team… There is no “I” in team. While standing on first base following his third hit of the night, Mr. November rose his helmet not once but twice and acknowledged the ovation from the fans (including his parents), his teammates, the opposing team, the entire crowd at the home of the bombers. Play ceased however briefly for the star to have his moment. And at Captain Clutch’s next at bat… he is walked and the crowd goes wild with booooooos as the pitcher is retired and the Yanks score 4 and lead the TB Rays 4-2. Unfortunately, it will take some doing for Derek to get to Pete Rose’s MLB All Time Record of 4256 hits. WOW! It took 70 years for someone to even the First Baseman’s record. So… unless something terrible happens in this the top of the ninth the record will remain tied. And…. THE YANKEES WIN! THEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Number 2 Meets Number 4”

  1. Glad for you the Yanks are doing well… I was all but done with baseball this year, but the Cubs swept their last series, so we’ll have to hang on to see if they can do more broom service.
    And sorry, but the memory of Derek Jeter that stands out to me is him in a dress on SNL – hilarious!

  2. Don’t give up yet! I do remember the SNL of which you speak… hilarious. Note to hbe outdone but Regis shared a peck on the cheek with DJ a few years ago which Mr. Philbin acknowledges from time to time. Man crush

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