A Whim? It Was The 19th Pregnancy Test!


I’ve blogged about the Duggar family before – they are famous for having a TLC reality show about their large family of 20.  That’s two parents and eighteen natural offspring – no adoptees, no foster kids; just two people who don’t believe in birth control and who have the utmost faith in God and their marriage.  I blogged about their daily routine (involving a cool-looking, specially outfitted custom-built house for a large family – think industrial size kitchen appliances and 4 washer / dryer sets) that seems to be successful in keeping their 20-member household functioning smoothly.  I also linked to their website, which had pictures of the interior of  their custom-made house.  They had their own buffet line built into one of the kitchens, and their dining room has a drink station with cups for each of the 18 kids.  As a parent of 4, I find their larger family way of life fascinating.  Actually, some of their practices have changed since the eldest Duggar offspring is now moved out, married, and expecting a baby of his own.

Not to be outdone, his mother Michelle is pregnant with  her nineteenth child.  She says she took this latest pregnancy test “on a whim”, which is difficult for me to comprehend when she’s had probably around a dozen and half positive pregnancy tests in her life.  She said she was nursing, and her infant grew fussy – in the past, a fussy nursing infant meant that mother’s milk had pregnancy hormones, so that’s why she took the test.  I can’t imagine having kids close enough in age to be able to find that out once, let alone to test it over and over like a theorem.  And another thought on this –  when Mrs. Duggar gives birth to child #19 (wonder what personality traits can  be attributed to #19 according to the psychologists who specialize in birth order?  Do the books go that high?), she will have spent roughly one-third of her 42 years on this Earth pregnant.  I hope for her sake she doesn’t go through a pregnancy withdrawl when her body is done having kids.  But for now, the family seems happy as can be, and what’s interesting is that Michelle’s first grandchild will be about 5 months older than his or her aunt or uncle.  And let it be clear that I’m not putting these people down – they have a solid family and all these kids seem well cared for by two loving parents who are still married, not to mention LOADS of siblings…  more power to them!

3 thoughts on “A Whim? It Was The 19th Pregnancy Test!”

  1. Your title fascinated me. Thought you may have taken YOUR 19th test on a whim. But yes I think the Duggar’s have really taken the “be fruitful and multiply” quite literally.

  2. Definitely a blessed family. I definitely appreciate the family Bible studies. I must say- that is on huge house. I wouldn’t have minded some of what they have growing up, like the indoor slide, arcade machine, and pop dispenser.

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