Another Installment of Cute


I realized that I hadn’t emptied my camera in awhile, so when I finally did, I found some great pictures!

9-6-09 004Told you it was a busy Labor Day weekend!

Princess Charity 9-6-09The girls dressed Charity up like a princess – her blue eye always gets photographic red-eye, but she actually let the kids dress her up!  Wonder what kind of food they enticed her with…

Beeber climbing in laundry room 002The “baby” has been climbing everything in sight.  Here he is on top of the folding table in the laundry room.  And he’s been running while using his walker-toy; he went right from crawling to running!  Guess it’s time to start calling him a toddler!

Toledo Zoo 9-5-09 008Here are all 4 four kids in the same cart at Menard’s…  awww!

Beeber's first time in the tunnels 9-7-09 004And this is the baby toddler’s first time going all the way up in the tunnels at the McDonald’s Playplace – he loved it!

4 thoughts on “Another Installment of Cute”

  1. I would say too cute, but that one in the front of the McDonald’s tunnel looks like trouble is written all over her face… 😉

  2. Whatever do u mean, j? Looks like the next to youngest is getting better at the tunnel thing. I recall a tunnel episode in which it took a bit of doing to get her to come out. But yes…. AWWWWWW!

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