Just watched a little football


I took my two youngest daughters to lunch today, and then scampered back home to allow my youngest to get her stuff together to head back to school. On the way to Fort Wayne, we stopped in Hicksville to see a play Jamiahsh was in. About 10 minutes into the play, I mentioned to my daughter that I was guessing Jamiahsh’s character would be the murder victim. Not just because he was annoying the ‘director’, but because, these shows are predictable. At least to some extent. I will admit that I didn’t get the ‘real’ murderer. A very fun performance.

Then off to Fort Wayne with a stop at a Walmart to get pictures developed and some scrap booking supplies. That took some time this evening. A rather late dinner and I got my daughter back to school some time after 8:00pm. Then the hour drive back home.

When I got here, I decided to relax and watch the end of Sunday Night Football. By the time I started watching, the game was just about over and it was only halfway through the 3rd period. At least during the game I did find out that most of the teams for the league championship series have been decided. Only the Phillies and Rockies need to complete their series. And they had a snow out…. I think some cities should have domed stadiums (or more exactly retractable domes) if they start competing in October/November. Sometimes it is just too cold for baseball.

I also heard that the Bears won, so we should see another Whatever post… 😉

3 thoughts on “Just watched a little football”

  1. That’s strange i thought the Bears had a bye this week. Thanks for coming to the show. It’s fun to annoy the director even if she attempts to put you in your place while you are doing it.

  2. Maybe I was mistaken. I am still chilling after 3+ hours of driving today….

    Yep, I heard something incorrectly. Maybe it was just all of the quarterback talk. They kept talking about different teams’ quarterbacks and they had nothing to do with the game that was finished, but still being played….

    We could talk about the really ugly uniforms the Broncos wore. Yellow and Black???? with stripes on the legs? They all looked like bumblebees. What were they thinking?

  3. Chris was confused about why Kansas City coaches were wearing “Texas” hats. Wonder if he ever found out what THAT was about?

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