Good boots for bad feet


I’m not sure how many people know this, but my feet tend to give me problems. Nothing really serious, but at the end of most days, my feet are always sore and tired. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing dress shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, work boots or even no shoes, the end result is the same. Except for two days this week.

I have been looking for a pair of square toed harness boots. My brother had a pair that he wore until they completely wore out. He always said they were the most comfortable things he ever wore. I found a pair on Friday evening. They were a bit pricey for me, but I said what the heck. I needed some new shoes, and these could also be worn on stage. Two things for the price of one. Stage and shoes/boots for the winter months. Not the same brand my brother had, but they were a good pair of boots.

Anyway, I wore them all day Saturday (and into the early morning hours) and put them on again on Sunday. After 24+ hours of wear (and remember these are ‘new’ boots), my feet on both evenings felt fine. Good support all day without any binding. I don’t think my feet would have felt any better if I had stayed in bed all day…. That was totally unexpected.

And the strange thing about all this… My brother (even though he has been gone from this earth since 2003) was right again. At least this time he can’t rub it in….

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  1. Don’t you just HATE admitting when your older siblings are right (most of the time, anyway)! Happens to me most often with my oldest.

  2. I don’t know about admitting when older siblings are right (I’m the eldest), but it is one of the worst things to admit when YOUNGER siblings are right!

  3. I wish I had noticed your boots on Saturday – I have been hunting for a good pair of shoes for months now! I’ve even bought two pairs of shoes that had to be returned because they were more comfortable in the store! I would love a pair of shoes that double as snow boots! But I have trouble spending more than $25 on shoes… How expensive are we talking?
    My feet get sore easily, and I have constant back problems which are definitely made worse depending upon the shoes I wear, so maybe I’d be willing to splurge if there is something that will actually do the trick…

  4. The boots cost halfway between ouch and BOING…. Then again, I am willing to spend a little more on shoes if they are for a specific purpose. These were something I was looking for for years, but never found them in a store. I need to try shoes on first, so I didn’t want to order online. Cost of similar boots are between $80 and $175. I was in the middle and they were on sale.

    I don’t skimp on my work boots I use when cutting wood. These won’t do for everyday wear (too heavy), but are comfortable and secure when I’m cutting wood. They also have a steel toe just in case something falls on my foot (yes, that has happened).

    I didn’t skimp on my hiking boots when I did more strenuous hiking. I guess I could have gone that route for comfortable shoes, because now that I think about it, my hiking boots from just after college were very comfortable.

    Both of those boots cost a lot more than $25, BUT (that’s a big BUT there) they lasted for years. The hiking boots gave out being good hiking boots after 5 years, but I kept them for yard work for another 5. The work boots I still have and use. That’s at least 7 winters.

    I’m hoping these boots last for a while.

  5. I basically want to replace the ones I have. They cost $25 and last me about 3 years, every day use. Before the sole wore away, they were good in the snow, yet comfortable and not too heavy for every day wear. This is about the 3rd pair of these I’ve gone through, I like to find a pair of shoes that work, then I’ll just replace them with the same thing when they wear out – I hate shoe shopping! But they don’t seem to make these anymore. If I ever feel like devoting a day to shoe shopping, maybe I’ll check more stores. But for now, with my time limitations, I guess I’m stuck with what I’ve got. I could never look online since my feet are always different sizes depending upon the shoe.

  6. taylhis

    I should say if I get less expensive shoes (in the $25 range) I tend to wear them out from the inside within a year to a year and a half.
    So I buy casual shoes every year. Brown one year, black the next. It was time for black….

    I’m surprised you could find the same style of shoe for 3 pairs. What happened to the fashion police? 😉 Good luck.

  7. I’m thinking about just getting a cheapo $10 pair of gym shoes just so I have something to wear besides my sandals. I don’t really believe in the fashion police, but if they were to ever have a reason to get me, it would probably be for wearing sandals (with socks) in late October!

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