Back to the Bronx


After returning from being booed at rehearsal… second time we have read through and I’m already being booed… I’M LOOOOOVIN’ IT!!!!! I Returned to see the Yanks down 3-1 in the second and it did not get much better after.  I’m pleased to say that they never gave in.  That dratted combination of Lee-Utley killed us again.  Mr. Utley tied Mr. October (Reggie Jackson… even named a candy bar after him) for the most home runs in a single World Series with five… so far, NO MORE FOR YOU!!!

So tomorrow night, we go back to ‘da Bronx for the magic game six.  I have said for the past week or so that it would be six and BACK TO THE NEW DIGS!

Final: Yanks 6… Phillies 8.

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  1. Can’t say that I remember all 27… just a few less than that… although I do have a replica of the 1951 jacket! Imagine how the five who now have a ring for each finger feel!

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